8 at Once

Here is the watercolour paper that I gessoed and taped last week after applying two transparent acrylics, Alizarin and Phthalo Blue. At some point I will have to cut them apart in order to see where each one is heading individually.

Gessoing Watercolour paper for Acrylic

For travelling I am taking half a dozen full sheets of watercolour paper to use with acrylics instead of canvases in order to save room.  I remembered that I was supposed to coat the paper with Gesso, and so I used some black and some white, and in some areas the two...

Vaseline Around Rim

It was recommended to me years ago by artist and teacher, Barb McLean in Nova Scotia to apply Vaseline around the rim of acrylic mediums like Matte Medium and Gel to prevent the lids from sticking.

Tea, Coffee and Ink Please

Dropping FW Sepia Ink into tea or coffee (no cream or sugar!) poured onto wet watercolour paper is fascinating to watch.  Here is the same postcard size painting at the start, and then turned upside down a few minutes later.  

Collage of Bits and Pieces

On a full sheet of watercolour paper I fit together intuitive watercolours, paintings in acrylic and watercolour, drawings, greeting cards outside and inside, stamps, stickers, words, natural objects and perhaps even more into what I hoped would look like a harmonious...